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Kordil Navigation Pro

Kordil Navigation Pro

Precision and realtime vehicle or vessel positioning which supports realtime GPS input with standard all NMEA messages and gyroscope for heading computation. It also supports a second GPS device to calculate heading out of positions when gyroscope is not available. Modular to deploy various sensors.


  • Supports 2-D and 3-D vector files
  • Direct support for DXF and DWG
  • Supports most of the NMEA messages from GPS sensors and Gyroscopes
  • High speed input (20 hertz) from serial port
  • WGS-84 and a predefined local datum
  • Transverse Mercator (TM) projection
  • Costume datum and projection (TM) definition
  • CAD Interface for adding, editing and deleting objects
  • Uses serial connection from COM ports
  • Waypoint and route module
  • Multiple point tracking relatively to a single waypoint
  • Easy user interface supported with a basic CAD functionality