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kordil surveying company

Kordil Geodesy Tools

A powerful and reliable coordinates processing, transformation, and transformation parameters estimation software for surveyors. Easy to use interface and intelligent file reading makes it a handy tool for the surveyors.


  • Earth Centered Earth Fixed (World Cartezien) Coordinate System Transformation
  • Datum Transformation
  • Transverse Mercator Transformation
  • 3-D Coordinate Frame Transformation using 7 parameters
  • 2-D Affine Transformation, and parameters estimation (6 parameters)
  • 2-D Similarity Transformation and parameter estimation (4 parameters)
  • 3-D Datum Transformation Parameters' estimation (7 parameters)
  • Image map georeferencing, displaying, editing and saving
Outstanding futures:
  • Intelligent recognition of various coordinates types in files
  • Once the file is uploaded, it can be viewed on the screen in table cells
  • Direct transformation from one datum to another versus WGS-84 datum
  • Datum definitions through database and manual input window
  • Toggling through deg, deg-min, and dec-min-sec
  • Seting output precision for both file and manual conversions