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kordil surveying company

Kordil Products

Offshore Surveying Systems

Bathymetric Systems

  • Singlebeam Echosounders
  • AIS Systems
  • Weather stations
  • Tide gauges
  • GNSS systems

Commercial software packages developed by Kordil

Kordil Navigation Pro

Realtime spreader barge and veichle positioning software

Kordil Geodesy Tools

Coordinate processing and transformation sofware

Kordil Sonar Magic

Surveying with singlebeam echosounder and RTK GNSS post processing software

Free & Open Source Software Packages by Kordil

Kordil EDMS

Open source, document and information management system for technical and engineering organizations. Kordil EDMS source code was released on July 2010.


Several AutoLisp routines for making maps and processing land survey data. Programs are accessible as icon and pulldown menu. Programs were supported by AutoCAD 12 - latest. AcadTRK was released with major improvements on June 2010.