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kordil surveying company

Kordil Hydrographic Survey

Hydrographic Survey - Kordil

The founders of Kordil have solid background in offshore industry and surveying and all worked many years in international construction and oil companies who have cutting edge reputation in their business. The experiences and now-how gained over the years by those versatile engineers are gathered within Kordil and sighted Kordil to be an outstanding offshore company for the near future. Cuttently we are giving surveying services in the following fields:

  • Provision and installation of positioning systems
  • Multibeam and singlebeam echosounder surveying
  • Positioning systems for dredgers and vehicles
  • Side scan sonar survey
  • Rig/vessel positioning
  • Tidal measurements
  • Current velocity measurements
  • Meteorological survey
  • Crane and excavator positioning systems
  • Dredging systems
  • Radio Telemetry